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I’m starting to do the documentation for Bloxley. Only a few classes so far, so for now they’ll be available in their own github repository. I’ll update this list as I do them, and move them into pages on this site when I have a bunch.




The docs are formatted as follows:

For each class

I specify the package location, and superclass of the class (if any).

I give a short description of the class.

I say if your code should subclass this class, or if you should directly instantiate it.

For each method

I provide the method signature, and a short description of what the method does and how it is to be used.

I say if your code should override this method in subclasses, or if you should directly call it.

I plan on doing them as they get used in the Tutorials. That should take care of the most important ones first. Let me know how this system works. Maybe down the line I’ll move it to a more powerful documentation system; I know ActionScript comes with one but I’m partial to YARD. We’ll see if someone writes an ActionScript parser for it.

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